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Cut the BOS with HelioGo’s next-generation integrated racking solution. It’s what solar should be – simple, fast and smart.


Eliminate nuts, bolts, and washers. And save time. HelioGo’s flagship solution, HelioFlexTM leads the industry in racking that is Simple. Fast. Smart.
  • Simple!
  • Fast!
  • Smart!
  • Simplest Installation BAR NONE!

    With HelioGo-Flex, solar is as simple as it was meant to be. To install, all you need to do is:

    Carry it out

    HelioFlex’s lightweight modular polymer racking is deployed without the need for heavy equipment.

    Snap it in

    Leave your tools in the truck. HelioFlex’s snap assembly is as fast and simple as it gets.

    Turn It On

    NO dead metal and NO structural grounding required.

  • Fastest Installation PERIOD!

    With HelioGo - a light-weight, snap-together, polymer racking system – Remove labor and site preparation costs and dramatically lower installation time.

  • Unbeatable LCOE!

    HelioFlex installs faster than the competition with fewer boots on the ground and delivers the lowest possible total installed system costs for any sized project.


Typical Ground Mounted Systems
Commercial rooftops
Ground mounted systems on Steep slopes
Residential rooftops


Coming Soon!


HelioGo was founded by solar industry visionaries whose combined years of industry experience and raw innovative power have generated new solar racking solutions poised to achieve grid parity in residential, commercial and utility scale solar.


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